Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the wild, wild west

Since moving to Colorado, I have slowly developed a MILD obsession with antlers, horns, skulls and other naturally found objects. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of hunting, so I prefer the faux type, or the ones obtained from animals who died of natural causes (haha). And I'm a farm girl, so I understand it all, I don't oppose any of it, just not for me personally. Still looking for the perfect "thing" for my house a cool bull skull for the outside entrance of our home, or a really cool faux deer head for above the office door. I do have some antlers on my ottoman tray which I love! Let me know if you have seen anything super cool!
Dawna Jones Design modern living room
image via Dawna Jones Design
image via The Designer Pad
Color 101 eclectic living room
image via Judith Balis
Jennifer Grey traditional living room

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