Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a barn store?

There is a fascinating thing going on in the West (Texas & Oregon mainly) and that is the "barn sale". This idea has intrigued me like no other. If I ever (God forbid!) close my little store, I'm moving to the country and finding myself a cute little barn to set up shop in!
From what I have gathered, these barn sales are held a few times throughout the year. They may house goods from one vendor or many. The highly unique inventory consists of various merchandise: architectural salvage, antiques, vintage frames, chandeliers, upholstered pieces, linens, collectibles, and a ton more.
Two of the biggies I have discovered are Tarte and Barn House, both located in Oregon. These barns can hold a candle to any store as far as I'm concerned...they are beautifully merchandised and far exceed the creativity of the average store.

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