Thursday, April 22, 2010


In honor of Earth Day 2010, we would like to highlight some of our earth friendly vendors! One of our major goals at Not Too Shabby is to support green and environmentally responsible companies, products made in the United States, vintage furniture, re-purposing wares, and to sell locally made goods. Here are just a few of those lines...

One of our favorite artists, Kimberly Dawn, embraces all things reclaimed and gives discarded items a new life and beauty! You name it and she has painted on it: plywood, discarded lumber, drums, windows, automobiles and the occasional human! Her artwork can be found in homes, galleries and businesses worldwide. We are so proud of you Kim!

Laville Frames is the original manufacturer of home accessories made from reclaimed lumber. Each frame is hand made in Louisiana from recycled lumber in one-of-a-kind colors and textures reclaimed from the architecturally rich city of New Orleans. And to top all that off, a percentage of their sales goes to Habitat for Humanity.
This wonderful woman is the person behind our gorgeous vintage furniture. Susan Covington inspires us to be more creative, more thoughtful in our decorating, and amazes us with her never-ending energy and ideas.

Meg Carter, sea glass jewelry designer, takes what was at some point someone's trash and turns it into someone else's treasure. Sea glass can begin as a milk jug, a window, or a soda bottle and after years and years of tumbling in the ocean, it becomes these amazing one-of-a-kind sea glass pieces!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Inspiration Everywhere I Look

I am constantly looking for ideas...for my home, for gifts, for the store, for baking, for everything really. I keep a sketchbook filed with images and ideas, anything that keeps my mind focused on creativity. This is a photo I love; it just makes me smile. How happy would you be to sit at this table and enjoy whatever occasion they are celebrating. So simple, but so magical.


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