Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Story

The beginning ~

Five months pregnant, with an Air Force Husband overseas at the beginning of the Iraq War, I thought it was the perfect time to open a business!?! Not sure what I was thinking but I have never regretted my decision once. Owning my own store was a dream that I had written down in my Senior Book and I was lucky enough to see it come to fruition. I was a little off on the marrying an Australian boy prediction...he is British though! So I did pretty well! I digress.

Our happiness soon turned to devastation as we lost that little boy--Liam--I was pregnant with at full-term on May 16, 2003, due to an umbilical cord accident as I went into labor. Some of you have been my customers since the beginning and watched me go through an incredibly awful ordeal. Many of you were all too familiar with the pain I was going through and some came in just to tell me I wasn't alone, and your stories and your kind words helped get me through it all and have stuck with me to this day. I have met some incredible people along the way...I feel truly blessed to have met each and every one of you.

But of course the journey doesn't end there. The store helped me get through that awful period in my life and still does. I went on to have two incredibly beautiful and sweet children, 6-year-old Drew & 14-month-old Sophie. They have often been at the shop with me and are asked about time and time again. Not only have you watched my business grow, but also my children, and I yours.

The "end" ~

I hate to even use that word, because it's not the end...I feel it's only the beginning of another chapter. So fast forward 8 years to the present. I opened my shop mainly to have the freedom to follow my dreams AND to raise my children as I wanted...very near me. I have loved everything about this little shop. Loved coming to work each day, loved opening every single box that was delivered, and most of all loved meeting YOU and helping you find the perfect gift or piece of furniture. And being in a tourist town allowed me to meet people from all over the world, what a pleasure, truly.

With the slowing economy, came the struggles and worries of everyone. And of course it impacted my decision to close my doors. But most of all, we were focused on having the very best for our family and our children and we have made the decision to move! We made a list of our top choices of states and luckily enough, we get to move to one of our top picks. Gorgeous Colorado! My Husband was offered a fantastic job and we decided now is the time to move on; this is the direction we need to go.

SO...although it is incredibly sad to leave my shop behind, I am excited to my core to be able to start on a new adventure. And as I have said many times, this is NOT the end for Not Too Shabby. I am exploring many different options, and will carry on in some way. Whether it be another store front, an online shop or attending antique shows I do not know. I would be honored to get your advice or opinions, so e-mail me if you would like at: I thank you a million times over for your patronage, your friendship, and the devotion you showed me and Not Too Shabby over the years! Thank you! 

Please continue to follow our journey...
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  1. i was shocked to learn that you are closing your beautiful store but now i'm excited for you :)

  2. All the very best for this new and exciting chapter of your life!



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