Saturday, September 11, 2010

i have fallen in retail love

I thought I had died and gone to retail heaven! I finally got to visit the legendary Nell Hill's store in Kansas City last month during my trip home. I have run across this store and its owner, Mary Carol Garrity, countless times online and in magazines but had never gotten the opportunity to stop in. Wow! The Briarcliff location (second location in Atchison, Kansas) is two stories of retail goodness and if it weren't for our kiddos tagging along, I'm pretty sure I could have wandered around for hours.

Mary Carol not only owns Nell Hill's--as well as Garrity's (an antique store in Atchison)--she has also published a few books on interior design and created a wholesale line called Mary Carol Home Collection. AND she does seasonal open houses at her historic home in Atchison as well. My Mom (who by the way passed down her love of shopping gene to me) is attending her fall open house as I type and I can NOT wait to hear all about it!

photos via the Nell Hill's website

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